Washroom and Lunchroom supplies

Toilet paper, hand towel, chemicals, brooms, cleaning equipment, hand cleansers, dispensers, detergents, disinfectants and deodorisers, tissues, hand wash, soaps, garbage bins, bags, vacuum cleaners, lunchroom supplies – you’ll find the everyday consumables that keep things running on site! Linked can supply all of your basic washroom and kitchen items.

To keep your lunch room well stocked, we carry a range of essentials including coffee, tea, sugar and long life milk. Disposable cups, stirrers and energy drinks are also part of Linked’s lunchroom range. Foam and plastic cups and bottled water are also available. Keeping your workplace clean and tidy is easy with an assortment of brooms, wipes, brushes, mops and buckets. And if you’re outside in the elements, keep the team cool and hydrated with industrial strength drink coolers, a heavy duty pedestal fan and an easy to set up folding gazebo.

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