Builders hardware

We offer a huge range of builders hardware – from door handles, door hinges, deadbolts, latches, numerals, letter plates, switch plates to door knockers and everything in-between – click here to view.


From small to large scale projects a range of cement products are available, including variants of bagged cement, concrete mixes, quickset, clay, lime, fondue, acrylic render mixes and tile adhesive – click here to view.

Doors and locks

All types of doors and locks can be sourced through our wide supplier network – whether you need entrance doors, internal doors, external doors, security doors and gates or access doors – click here to view.


We’re able to source a comprehensive range of products, as well as fasteners manufactured from mild, high tensile and stainless steel we supply fasteners manufactured from more exotic materials – click here to view.

Fibre cement

Our comprehensive range of fibres cement products include external cladding, compressed sheeting, ceramic tile floor underlay, structural flooring, eaves, internal linings, bracing, planks and accessories – click here to view.


All uses in residential, commercial and industrial are easily sourced from our suppliers who offer products with proven long term stability and performance, with non-toxic and non-allengenic options available – click here to learn more.


Some of the products available include standard plasterboard, flexible plasterboard, wet are plasterboard, fire resistant plasterboard, soundboard, cornice, compounds and ceiling tiles – click here to view.

Reo and mesh

Products include reinforcement, waffle pods, concrete, bar chairs, deformed bars, foam joints, loop ties, mesh, trench mesh and accessories in the latest technologies available through our wide supplier network – click here to view.


Through our network we offer a wide range of roofing products. These include Colorbond, Zincalume and custom steel roofing products, as well as Zincalume, corrugated iron sheets, standing seam and aluminium roofing – click here to view.

Timber and tools

Choose from a range of quality tools and diverse timber supplies, including timber flooring and fencing, dressed cedar, hardwood, mouldings, pine, structural timbers, timber sheeting and more – click here to view.