Geosynthetics and Drainage

Linked offers the complete range of GEOmasta® products, all manufactured and tested to meet the relevant Australian and Local Standards. Here you will find a selection of erosion control products, geo fabric and filter fabrics such as mastaTEX® FiltaFab,mastaTEX® NonWoven, and accompanying drainage and sediment control products to prevent erosion and assist with filtration around landscaping and civil projects. GEOmasta® geosynthetics are area ideal for lining retaining walls to prevent silt migration into drainage systems, stabilising embankments and erosion control for batters, creek beds, garden beds and other residential and commercial landscapes.

The mastaGrid® range of geogrid products are designed for reinforcing rock, coarse fill, and other substrates, preventing excess movement and cracking under roads, concrete or asphalt, stabilising slopes, and improving load capacity of loading platforms.

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